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my story...

Fed up of feeling tired,  sick, and miserable in 2010 -  I decided to take my health back into my own hands.   In my teens and early twenties, I suffered from chronic asthma, eczema, digestive issues and all sorts of different allergies. I lived off steroids and antibiotics, was constantly sick, I didn't exercise,  not out of choice but out of fear that my heart would stop - after a routine operation on my tonsils caused me to cardiac arrest when i was a little girl. I had little energy and I certainly had no idea how to read a food label!... Back then i didn't have a choice...whatever the doctor prescribed I would take.  Happy to say... my life is very different now from how it used to be - all my symptoms disappeared once i changed my diet  and cleaned up my lifestyle.   

After spending 15 years+ working in the corporate fashion industry - i finally decided to follow my passion in the world of wellness.   The past 10 years i have dedicated my time to develop the skills to inspire others to raise their level of awareness around health and lifestyle choices.   

Watching my mother lose her battle to cancer when i was 17 and my father develop heart disease in his later years  has no doubt been my biggest driving force - it has inspired my curiosity into nutrition and the role it plays in healing and preventing disease.


Both my love for yoga and my career as a newly certified health coach are founded on a passion for holistic health and making a positive impact on peoples lives.  I hope you enjoy!


meet sammy

I'm Sammy, founder of Simply Nourished.  I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner, a super foods enthusiast, and a  400 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

I’ve designed this website as your quick guide to help you on your road to wellness.  My aim is to help people achieve their desired lifestyle and achieve their health goals by making small and sustainable changes in their everyday life. Whether you are trying to lose weight, heal your digestive system, reduce stress or are just looking to indulge in one of my simple healthy recipes - there is something for everyone.

I want to make things simple but most of all – I want to make things fun!  I hope you enjoy...




                                                                   Founder of Simply Nourished INHC


my essential guide

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