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Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat - Non Slip Eco Friendly Natural Rubber

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made from natural Rubber, eco friendly polyurethane & love. Inspired and tested by real yogis and yoga teachers, know that you are never alone in your practice; we have designed this mat just for you!
  • GRIPTECH SURFACE - The top layer uses an ultra-grip material. THE best material out there! From your first downward dog to soaring in an arm balance, our 'PAWS' mat has your back with it's non slip surface so you can trust the mat and trust the process that all is coming!
  • MEASURES - 4.2mm thickness. 2.5kg in weight. The perfect thickness for your practice. Cushioned enough to help you joints, but not too much to hinder your balance.
  • LARGER SIZE - 180cm x 66cm - Longer and wider than your average mat giving you more room to practice.


Yogi Bare Paws - Non Slip Mat

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