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  • Olverum Bath Oil's contain essential oils, extracted from carefully selected aromatic plants, that fuse together to provide the concentrated therapeutic benefits that transform your bath into a calming and invigorating spa experience for mind and body.
  • Ideal for dry skin - Olverum Bath Oil's refined plant oils are very light and easily absorbed by the body, providing instant relief for dry skin and leaving it beautifully soft and supple.
  • An Olverum bath can be particularly beneficial in helping you to recuperate from the symptoms of cold or flu.
  • Decongesting - Essential oils of pine, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and exotic verbena create Olverum Bath Oil's characteristic invigorating vapour which helps to clear blocked sinuses, eases catarrh, bronchitis and asthma and allows you to breathe more easily.
  • Relaxation and stress relief - Essential oils of lemon, lavender and exotic verbena help relieve tension and leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed. Used at the end of a tense or stressful day, Olverum Bath Oil can help you achieve a deep and untroubled night's sleep.                                                               BUY NOW

Olverum bath Oil 125ml by Olverum

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